Jungle Cake


Jungle Cake is a cross between White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake, grown by LA Weeds.

It’s THC content stands at a whooping 30.3% and it’s perfect for anytime of the day.




Jungle Cake Strain

Jungle Cake is a sweet hybrid strain that balances the feeling of euphoria and joy. It is quite similar to Wedding Cake but only better. This sweet hybrid is cultivated by LA Weeds and comes in at a whooping 30.3% THC.This strain is perfect for anytime of the day.It has a sugary taste with a sweet scent that feels the air.


  • 30.3% THC
  • Hybrid Strain
  • Ideal for stress relief, anxiety and rest.

Smoke & Effects

Its nugs are dense bright green with little orange hairs scattered through the surface that causes an intense full body high. It literally takes your mind to another world and makes your body feel like your cloud surfing.

jungle cake strain animation

Strain Spotlight

Additional information


OZ (28grams), QP (114grams), HP (228grams), P (454grams)


OZ (28grams), QP (114grams), HP (228grams), P (454grams)


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